Airwaves 360, the only communications tool you need to engage with your customers.

Airwaves 360 - streamlining every message in one simple platform.

We use APIs for reliable messaging

  • Integrate Airwaves360 into your backend systems using our comprehensive API.
  • Developer friendly documentation empowers your team to integrate quickly.
  • Fast, reliable delivery across SMS, messaging and calls.

Why we’re different

Single platform

Combine all your communications methods into one single platform: webchat, SMS, social media and voice.

Contact tools

We have a range of effective tools to help your customers stay engaged.

Price advantage

Setup hundreds of Agents, but only be charged for those that login. We also extend our wholesale Tier-1 SMS gateway to our clients for a guaranteed low rate.

Inbound and outbound messaging

Receive both inbound and outbound communications via SMS and social media.


Let our AI chatbots handle the simple enquiries so your team can focus on bigger things.

Forget the old school <1300> and <1800> numbers!

As the population is becoming more reliant on smartphones, texting has become the number one communication method, with 23 billion texts sent each day around the world. With Airwaves360, you can integrate texting as part of your communication channels and connect with your customers the way they prefer.

Join the revolution

Our platform’s capabilities

Discover the most robust and cohesive unified communications solution, built to scale.

Aggregation of all chat mediums

Self-cure majority of inbound communications

65% auto-cure with remaining then distributed to Staff

2-way response enhances automation and AI-Bot cure rate

Customers can "Reply 1 if this did not answer your question"

Stops Customers slipping through the gaps and puts the onus of responsibility back onto the Customer

Post integration surveys for Satisfaction or NPS scores

Auto-replies based on inbound message

Hold and calendar booking functionality

Reference Client website for auto-replies

Enhanced privacy and anonymity for Customers

Multiple Groups / Agent Skill Queues / Routing options / Word Based Rules

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