See how HFL Consulting powered Sales Cloud with Pardot to deliver a unique leadership development and coaching experience.

HFL Consulting design and deliver a diverse range of leadership solutions for organisations across multiple industries culminating in three core programs; Expertship, leadership programs for subject matter experts, Fastlead, for frontline leaders, and HFL consulting delivering bespoke leadership programs.

HFL know the powerful impact leadership coaching and development can have on team performance and culture and are always looking for new ways to build and enhance how they can achieve this with their programs.


After decades of working in training and development, Chief Executive, Alistair Gordon and Dominic Johnson noticed a growing number of recognised experts seemed to be stuck in a rut, despite their obvious skill sets. This saw the birth of their leadership program, mastering expertship, and the expertship model

With Salesforce and Pardot, the HFL team have been able to create 1-1 relationships with their coaches and participants throughout all three programs.

They have achieved this by coupling Pardot’s Engagement Studio and Dynamic Content, to create individual customer journeys with some having over 90 pieces of dynamic content per customer touchpoint. The automation of this customer experience has allowed the HFL team to expand and deepen their customer relationships.

We use Pardot on a daily basis to track and understand where each of our participants, coaches, and managers are in our program. This has allowed us to have the right conversations at the right time, enhancing the programs experience and effectiveness.


Where before we were utilising spreadsheets and manpower, the use of Pardot combined with sales cloud has enabled the system to do all the heavy lifting making it possible for HFL to take on larger cohorts of participants without reducing the quality and the participant experience.


With Pardot, HFL Consulting Group has been able to begin connecting each piece of their customer growth strategy. They have achieved this by connecting their website activity, creating landing pages, and utilising gated content to peak and refine interest from prospects and leads.

Using Pardot this will be a key area that will drive company growth and expansion said Aliastair.


With the help of Salesforce, Pardot, and partner Resonant Cloud Solutions, HFL was able to expand and grow their 1-1 customer experiences.  As well as begin developing their growth strategy in record time. They were also able to scale up their Sales Cloud solution simultaneously which they wouldn’t have been able to do on their own.


What’s next on the HFL trail? Alistair says he plans to expand and refine their growth strategies to create a continually growing and moving sales funnel. The HFL team are also continuing to expand their presence in other markets and know that they will be able to create the same personalised 1-1 customer experiences with the power of Pardot and Salesforce behind them. They hope in the future to leverage salesforce to provide their participants with more accessibility and power to manage their own learning at their own pace.


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