The Marketing Automation Stack

A Marketing Automation Stack consists of marketing applications that enable organisations to effectively target customers with automated marketing campaigns across a wide range of channels, including email, voicemail, websites, social media, and SMS messages to generate sales leads. This assortment of technologies complements Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, and is typically used by marketing teams as a means to mitigate repetitive tasks in employee workflows and increase the team’s overall efficiency.

A number of organisations tend to make use of a custom Marketing Automation Stack, sometimes also referred to as a Marketing Technology (MarTech) Stack. Such an assortment of marketing automation platforms boost lead generation efforts through email marketing, voicemail marketing, chatbots on social media or websites, and other channels, like Short Message Service (SMS) text.

Marketing automation apps broaden the reach of standard marketing campaigns, generating inbound marketing, which is a term vendors use to refer to the strategy of locating prospects for top to mid-funnel through highly personalised pitches that are derived from analytics tools, which segment prospects into separate groups for different types of campaigns.

Standard Marketing Automation Features

Marketing automation tools manage the online aspect of a marketing campaign, including data collection and analytics that enable you to create more precise and personalised content to deliver to individual customers for the purpose of enhancing engagement levels and your bottom line.

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps, like chatbots can automate the delivery of such information or guide potential clients to specific webpages, online documents or forms that generate sales or ascertain a potential client’s current or future level of interest in purchasing an organisation’s products or services. Marketing automation apps also send out customer satisfaction and product usage surveys and then collect, measure and segment your customers’ response data.

Core features of marketing automation tools usually include the following:

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Analytics for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Campaign Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing ROI
  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Social Marketing

SMS Marketing in Your Marketing Automation Stack

With advanced SMS marketing platforms, organisations can now utilise SMS for single messages, bulk messages (sent to a list), and multi-touch nurturing campaigns. The use of automation has expanded to generate more impact for your mobile marketing strategies.

SMS marketing platforms enable you to easily track, measure, and respond to all your messaging conversations with prospects. The analytics module will enable you to ascertain how many of your messages were delivered, how many responses you’ve received, and the cleanliness of your SMS database. When integrated this with your marketing automation stack, you can easily keep track of CTRs and other metrics.

Voicemail Marketing in Your Marketing Automation Stack

Voicemail or Voice-Based Marketing Automation (VBMA) typically refers to technology that enables organisations to manage, measure, and automate sales and support calls that generate revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. VBMA encompasses a wide range of automation and analytics tools and complements the functionality found in a standard marketing automation stack.

Voicemail-Generated Leads

Utilising VBMA enables marketing teams to leave ringless voicemail messages, and then receive phone calls from potential leads at their convenience. This allows them to answer any questions the prospect has about the product, service or offer on the spot. There are leads that simply won’t greenlight a purchase without having a phone conversation first. VBMA also streamlines your inbound marketing process by tracking such calls.

Voicemail Marketing and SMS Broadcasting Under One Platform

To further streamline your business processes, you could also opt to use a platform such as Straight2Voicemail, which offers both voicemail and SMS broadcast capabilities. The voicemail broadcast feature enables you to record and upload a personalised voice message then send it to thousands of prospects at the click of a button. It’s significantly less intrusive than cold calls, telemarketing, or robo-calls.

One core functionality that sets Straight2Voicemail apart from the competition is that you can use the same platform and credits to launch a voicemail marketing campaign, and then follow up with prospects using a personalised SMS campaign a couple of days later. If you’re already using Salesforce for your business, you can get the Straight2Voicemail Salesforce app here, and start using it straightaway for your existing CRM contacts.

CMOs that include voice-based marketing automation in their Marketing Automation Stack add a more personalised touch with potential leads.



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