Still searching for the best CRM system to use for your small business? Read on to learn why Salesforce is the best of its kind and why it’s an excellent all-around business tool that can help you manage your work and deliver your services more efficiently. Here’s a basic Q&A for anyone who’s looking to implement Salesforce for their organisation.

1. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM tool designed to help businesses, big or small, to manage their daily operations, business data, and customer data in a central system. It’s a one-stop-shop and can be integrated with other business software tools like ERP and other software applications.

2. What exactly is the importance of a CRM system like Salesforce in a small business?

This question is often asked by start-ups and small businesses that have set up or rely upon in-house and self-made programs to run their businesses from the time they first launched. What Salesforce does is it fully automates your business processes, allowing you to focus more on things that truly matter in growing your business, and taking care of your customers and your team. Salesforce also gives you a bird’s eye view of your day-to-day business, from sales management all the way through to customer service management.

3. Is it cost-effective?

Absolutely. Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM platform and is highly customisable; it grows with your needs and your business. Its scalability allows you to invest in a world-class and full-featured business tool without having to pay for things you don’t need at the moment. It’s a cost-effective means to avail yourself of a robust system that grows with your business, and one that can keep up with your business’ and customers’ changing needs.

4. What is the biggest benefit of using Salesforce for your business?

Building a CRM system from the startup stage or while your business is still small is actually the best route to having a fully customised CRM system that your business will never outgrow. You get to add features and functionality at every step of the way; you get to design your CRM system the way you want to, and make improvements whenever you need to. As your business grows, so does your CRM. And since you’re building it from the ground up, it will always be the best software that perfectly fits your business needs.

The biggest, but usually unrealised advantage of this is that you may never have to deal with migrating to another system because your current one is obsolete or simply lacks what you need. System migrations can be quite costly and time-consuming, and require the training of your team to ensure they are well-informed and competent in the new CRM system. There is also the risk of data loss, but all these can be avoided when you use a trusted CRM system like Salesforce.

5. Does it work with any of your existing business software apps?

When it comes to compatibility with other programs and applications, Salesforce is known for its ease of use and seamless integration (i.e. natively and via MuleSoft), allowing every type of business, especially small businesses, to take advantage of the benefits of using a CRM System at enterprise level, even at the early stages of the business.

6. What are its other useful features

Let’s focus on these two notable features that Salesforce has designed specifically for small businesses: the Customer Service Console and the App Exchange Free Integrations. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Customer Service Console

The seamless integration of this add-on feature with Salesforce allows you or your customer service team to view messages and inquiries that customers send through social media, chat support, phone support, and email support, in one central location. This makes it quicker to respond to customers and easier to communicate through the same type of platform or service that the message was sent from. Communication is a breeze.

App Exchange Free Integrations

Salesforce allows you to use apps that are needed for document generation, data management, conducting surveys, making calls, and even merging duplicate data from the database. This automates most of the manual tasks involved in the day-to-day of running a start up or a small business. Other useful features of the system can be found here, and a list of current app integrations can be found here.

7. But is it easy to use?

Absolutely. You can even start a free trial to see how the system works to see firsthand which of its features and functionalities work for you. You can get more information about the product and can learn more about Salesforce Essentials by visiting this website, and you can see what other users think about this CRM right here.

Overall, Salesforce is an invaluable tool for every type of business. The customisability and scalability of the software is unparalleled, as is its customer service and technical support. It’s probably the best investment a business owner can ever make. So start automating your business processes and grow your business faster with the help of Salesforce, the most effective and most efficient CRM system in the market today.