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Group 22 | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Integrating Salesforce and Xero

In our upcoming webinar we will be deep diving into different considerations, possibilities, and use cases for Xero, Salesforce and Pardot.

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Integrating Websites and Salesforce | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Integrating Websites and Salesforce

This webinar will cover the different options for connecting your website to Salesforce; Communities,, WordPress and Pardot Forms/web-to-lead.

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Salesforce For The Recruitment Sector | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Salesforce for the Recruitment Industry

In our upcoming webinar we will be discussing how you can apply Salesforce Technology to the Recruitment Industry.

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Group 23 | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Exploring Salesforce Communities

In this webinar, we will be discussing the different ways your business can use Salesforce Communities to build, grow and maintain relationships.

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Group 24 | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Migrating Marketing Automation Platforms

This webinar will be run by Natalie Djurovic where she will share her first-hand experience as well as her tips from working with different businesses.

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Document Generation for Salesfor | Resonant Cloud Solutions
Document Generation for Salesforce

This webinar will be covering; different use cases for document generation, Integrating eSignature and Comparision for different options.

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