WEBINAR: Integrating Salesforce & Xero

Resonant Cloud, a Salesforce Partner that has completed 30+ Salesforce and Xero integrations, invites you to join us for this free webinar. We will cover:

Considerations of App Vs Custom Connection

  • How to manage invoicing and exploring different combinations such as 1 Opp = 1 Invoice; or 1 Opp = Many Invoices; or SaaS and Membership invoicing (recurring);
  • Exploring examples of using multiple Xero orgs and currencies.

Possibilities and Limitations

  • What data do I want to bring in?
    • Products, Product Codes
    • GL Account Codes and creating manual journal entries
    • Bank Transactions
    • Creating ABA files from Salesforce data
  • What are the limitations of the Xero Integration?
    • Syncing the Quote Object
    • UX of creating invoice templates

Duration: 45 mins, including Q&A

matt photo | Resonant Cloud Solutions PRESENTED BY
Matthew Sutton
Founder / Director 

This webinar will be recorded and emailed to all registrants.