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Resonant Cloud is proud to unveil its new product: Resonant-Applicant Tracking Systems (Resonant-ATS).

Resonant-ATS is the premium recruitment tool available to you today

Resonant-ATS is the only recruitment solution that enables you to fully access the potential of the world’s #1 CRM system; unlike other solutions on the Salesforce Platform, Resonant-ATS is built on Sales Cloud core technology. Not recreating this core functionality means that Resonant-ATS is more flexible and adaptable than any other Applicant Tracking System on the Salesforce Platform.

Unlike other Salesforce platform solutions, Resonant-ATS is built on the core Salesforce product, Sales Cloud and integrates easily with the full Sales, Service, Community & Marketing Cloud suite of tools

Leads Accounts Contacts Opportunities Campaigns

Now you can sell any product or service to your customer base from a single platform

Resonant-ATS is the ideal option for customers who sell more than just recruitment services: with Resonant-ATS, you can sell any product or service to your customer base from a single platform. Contract, permanent and temporary job opportunities sit side by side with consulting services, HR solutions, E-learning platform sales or any product sales at all. Placed side-by-side for the first time you can report on all service streams, recruitment and non-recruiting sales, together. Consultants and sales teams can share the same data for optimal operation, thus minimising handling and lead time, to the end of maximising results.

R-ATS is powered by Daxtra

The world’s leading CV/resumé parsing solution provider – with DaXtra Capture and
DaXtra Parser. Searching is powered by DaXtra Search

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“I have been working with Resonant Cloud for about 18 months. I needed flexibility in a system to accommodate a series of needs in my business. I needed really good recruitment software with the flexibility to allow me to work with my customers in other ways too. I needed someone that wasn’t just focused on recruitment software. I needed someone that could assist me in creating work flows for coaching and training as well, along with creating ways to capture important employee information as well.

I had previously used Zoho and Bullhorn and not experienced the flexibility or the support.

Resonant Cloud worked with me to create a platform that really meets my needs. Their tech support is brilliant and my confidence in their service is extremely high. I am still growing and adapting. They are great in helping me to explore ways of optimising my data and customer information.”

Christian Harper
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Christian Harper