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Listen, engage, and publish using powerful social media marketing tools — and unite marketing with sales and service over popular channels.
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Listen to the Conversation

Analyse conversations from nearly any source to see what your fans and industry are saying.

Gather market intelligence.

Gain relevant feedback across your marketing, service, and sales campaigns with reporting tied to your social accounts from the office or on our mobile app.

Create topic profiles.

Watch for fresh topics and trends from convenient customizable dashboards — so your marketing activities are relevant.

Learn from real discussions.

Drill down to the post level and catch every comment. Listen for mentions of your brand across all networks — and use these insights to drive your marketing strategies.

Tune into customer sentiment.

Monitor audience discussions on topics that matter to your brand using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition.

Engage your community

Respond to social posts, manage your community, and provide customer support.

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Manage engagement at scale.

Deploy a single platform for all social media engagement across every department in your company. Securely manage access and roles with user and team workspaces.

Streamline your processes.

With machine learning, gauge brand sentiment and prioritise posts — then automatically route customer activity to the appropriate role in either marketing, sales, or service.

Get a single view of each customer.

Route social posts to your CRM platform to complete the picture of your customer across social, email, and other digital channels.

Provide customer service via social channels.

Open and monitor service cases based on interactions and feedback on popular social media outlets.
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Publish on social media

Create and approve content for multiple social networks and accounts.

Manage content across internal teams.

Securely manage your company’s entire social presence across teams. Create workspaces and access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.

Grow your audience.

Boost high-performing social posts with built-in social advertising. Reach new customers and markets.

Analyse performance.

Intelligent reporting gives you a real-time snapshot on content, channel, and creative performance. Improve campaigns with a central view of all your social marketing.

Collaborate on campaigns.

Draft, share, schedule, review, and approve content. Access stock photos, trending topics, and more — on your desktop or in a mobile app.

Monitor from one interface

See live displays of social and marketing activity with the Marketing Command Center.

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Visualise and deliver digital insights.

Track customer interactions, brand health, and campaign results as they unfold before your eyes. Depict real-time customer feedback with on-screen imagery.

Highlight your customer’s voice.

Keep a close eye on conversations to develop insights around customer sentiment. Display insights based on region, post popularity, and words commonly associated with your product.

Respond to customers individually.

Get comprehensive multichannel views of every customer relationship — plus in-depth explorations of email campaigns, social care, and every brand journey.

Customise your Command Center experience.

Brand the overview of your products, events, and campaigns, then share your command center display on every screen in your office, regardless of size.

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