You might have heard that Salesforce has released some exciting new Einstein features. One exciting feature that customers now have access to is Einstein Opportunity Scoring.

What is Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring?

Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring is a system that uses data science and machine learning to score your sales opportunities so that you can prioritise and act. This feature is provided free to all Salesforce customers.

How does the Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring system work?

The Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring system analyses your closed opportunities (both closed-won and closed-lost) to build a Scoring Model. The criteria that the Einstein Opportunity Scoring Model uses to create the Model are:

    • each opportunity’s record details, history, and related activities (including all standard and custom fields);
    • the related account’s record details and some record history;
    • details about the related products, quotes, and price books related to the opportunity.

The Einstein Opportunity system analyses the Opportunity data and refreshes the Model every ten days. However, Opportunity Scores are updated every few hours.

Are there minimum requirements needed to run Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring?

In short, yes. However, most businesses that have used Salesforce for more than 12 months would easily achieve them, while businesses that have used Salesforce for at least 6 months are already well on the way. If your business uses Salesforce, it can run Einstein Opportunity Scoring as long as:

    • it has 200 “Closed Won” opportunities in the past 2 years, each with a minimum lifespan of 2 days;
    • it has 200 “Closed Lost” opportunities in the past 2 years, each with a minimum lifespan of 2 days;
    • uses the standard Stage field on the opportunity

What do the Einstein recommendations look like?

    • Amount keeps going up
    • Past wins with this account
    • High success rate from this lead source

If you want to set up Einstein Opportunity Scoring for your business, this checklist will help get you started:

    • Run the Einstein Readiness Accessor. Click here to see how.
    • Head over to Setup and type “Assisted Setup” in the Quick Find bar, then choose Einstein Sales > Assisted Setup and follow the prompts.
    • Add the Score field to your opportunity page layouts and compact layouts.

REMEMBER > The more fields completed on the Opportunity record, the more accurate your score.