This year, spring will be arriving somewhat ahead of time for Salesforce Pardot users on 14 February 2020, as Salesforce introduces the cutting-edge Spring ’20 release. We’re absolutely thrilled about the prospect of being able to test drive the long-awaited additions to the Salesforce feature set firsthand. Here are some of our favourite new functionalities and improvements to give you a taste of what’s in store for you— and we’re also including some of our top Sales Cloud features as well.

Pardot Spring ’20 Release

1. The Ability to Reuse Snippets Across Business Units

Keeping your official company content and media within specific standards may prove challenging, particularly if there are a number of different users producing marketing materials in your organisation. For boilerplate content, which includes logos, addresses, and slogans, we recommend using Business Snippets. This allows your colleagues to easily reuse those snippets in forms, email templates, landing pages, and emails.

2. Use Handlebars Merge Language (HML) to Personalise Pardot Forms and Landing Pages

Salesforce users have the ability to implement personalisation of their content using merge fields, as the Handlebars Merge Language was rolled out for Pardot forms and landing pages. Additionally, when HML is enabled, users don’t need to switch back and forth from HML to the legacy merge language.

3. Notifications on Syncing Issues Due to Data Skew

Salesforce has added new notification features to let you know when any records in Pardot attempt to sync with their corresponding records in Salesforce which have data skew issues. Such an activity may negatively impact the quality of your data and the syncing process, possibly preventing important updates to your organisation’s records.

4. The Ability to Score Your Prospects Based on Their Conversion Patterns

You can utilise Einstein’s AI capabilities to help you score new prospects and marketing leads based on whether they closely match your organisation’s ideal conversion patterns. This enables you to better prioritise your leads and which ones are more likely to convert. This feature also allows you view the fields that have the most impact on your lead scores.

5. Acquire AI-Driven Insights on Your Campaigns’ Performance (Beta)

Take all the guesswork out of the equation with Einstein’s AI engine, which determines which exact strategies are effective at driving engagement levels for leads and prospects. The Einstein Campaign Insights feature unearths common attributes among the leads and prospects that have been actively engaged by your campaigns. This helps you uncover new prospects to market to, and guides you on how to best optimise your campaign assets.

Sales Cloud Spring ‘20 Release

1. Update Several Deals From a Single Page

In an effort to further streamline business processes and workflows, Salesforce now allows users to quickly update Deals records from the forecast page. When you click a single edit button, you can easily edit or change several opportunities simultaneously. This will definitely save you a ton of time, especially when you’re on the go.

2. Display Relevant Accounts When Performing Searches

While you’re entering your search query, you’ll now start seeing similar accounts and other related results. This gives you a greater awareness of the opportunities, recent items, and accounts that are relevant to the one you’re currently searching for, which helps increase your productivity. Additionally, objects are much more searchable, which helps you find what you need that much faster.

3. More Efficient Searches

With this release, you now have the ability to search more easily for your most frequently used Salesforce products and tools. You also have the option to narrow down your search results further via filters.

4. The Ability to Clone Your Salesforce Objects and Related Records

This feature enables you to save time and handle repetitive business processes more efficiently, as you can simply clone your Salesforce objects via Object Manager. You simply choose a page layout that contains a supported object and add the action Clone with Related.

5. New Enhanced Related Lists

You now have the option to show up to 10 columns of results, with associated capabilities such as mass actions, resizing and sorting. You can access this feature under the Lightning App Builder by choosing a related list. Once the results are displayed, you can then customise them further to suit your preferences.



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