Leads, or people who show an interest in a brand’s products or services, are potential customers, and it is up to you and your team to convert them into actual clients. This process is called lead conversion and is crucial to the success of any business. Sales consultancy firm BizzBee Solutions, which helps startups and small- to mid-size businesses focus on their core operations, details how converting leads results in increased sales that then translate to greater profit.

Lead conversion also helps in brand building through the creation and cultivation of customer relationships. More leads generated means more opportunities for conversion, and you can increase your success rate by making these small changes:

Focus on SEO

For all the aforementioned benefits, lead conversion is actually more cost-effective than advertising. Before you can convert leads, though, you’ll need to worry about lead generation first. One of the best ways to improve your company’s lead generation is to optimise your website through search engine optimisation or SEO. Leading digital marketing agency Ayima emphasises the vital role of SEO in modern advertising, noting how established brands like Verizon and eBay are using this method to improve their digital traffic. By ranking higher on search engines your brand will be seen as having more authority, which in turn will lead to a greater number of visitors. You will then have more leads to convert this year. You can also improve lead generation by using Salesforce, which automates nearly all types of lead nurturing.

Maximise Salesforce

If you are already using Salesforce, then you are a step closer to improving your lead conversion. Hite Digital founder JC Hite explains, “Now more than ever, it is vital to nurture and maintain customers, so take a look at how you do this [nurturing and maintaining customers]”.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system like Salesforce is extremely helpful in this regard, as you can use it to generate leads, gather data about potential customers and manage relationships with existing ones. So, take advantage of these features to start getting more clients.

Incentivise being a customer

Customers are swayed by enticements, which is why you must strategise and work on adding value to your products. After all, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? With the right upgrade, a product can become more high-value and appealing to customers. In fact in one case, SEO expert Brian Dean was able to increase conversions by 785% in just one day using content upgrades. It’s a quick way to enhance products that you already have, and it could come in different formats: Ebooks, actionable lists, cheatsheets, templates, and content calendars and guides, to name a few. What’s important is that you’re not just giving away random, irrelevant freebies; they should be compelling to attract quality leads.–

Be more proactive

If you want customers you will need to actively pursue them! To this end, the Queensland Government recommends keeping an updated list of leads so you can craft and send personalised messages and offers to both new and current customers.

Make sure you observe carefully each of your leads, too, and ask them relevant questions and follow-ups to gauge both their interest and capacity to transact with you. In this way, you can adjust your course of action according to information gleaned from the leads themselves.

Make things easy for potential customers

The last thing you want is to win over customer interest, only to lose it later on because of an overly convoluted transaction process. Make sure to simplify that final step to make transactions fast, easy, and convenient.

To simplify transactions and ensure the completion of conversion, look to provide one-click sign-up and sign-in options, minimise form fields that need to be filled out and simplify the checkout process. And where possible, keep people on the same webpage and minimise redirects.

Lead conversion, as the tips above show, isn’t exactly rocket science. But it is a lot of work and requires creativity, tech-savviness, and increased activity. That said, the reward of winning over more customers makes all the effort certainly worth it. And to further help you out, do make it a habit to check in with us here on Resonant Cloud Solutions for more tips on lead conversion, customer engagement, and cloud-based solutions for your business.