Is your mind still swirling from an amazing experience at the Dreamforce ‘19 conference? The entire week had back-to-back events and activities that featured keynote speakers, live music from acclaimed musicians, exclusive learning content, and mesmerising presentations that simultaneously educated and inspired all of the attendees who took part in the biggest software convention this year in San Francisco.

The roadmap sessions for Pardot provided attendees with an exclusive look at the soon-to-be-released software. The Salesforce marketing app is an established player, and rumour has it that Pardot has been given a considerable amount of product development resources, for the purpose of boosting software innovations in a relatively short span of time, in a bid to hold onto the leading position in the competitive and fast-paced marketing automation sector.

Let’s jump right into our top 3 Pardot takeaways from Dreamforce 2019:

1. The All-New Pardot Email Builder (Lightning)

During the roadmap sessions for Pardot, we learned that the new Pardot email builder closely resembles the email builder in Salesforce Lightning in terms of the user interface and feature sets. It now offers mobile-responsive templates that are readily available out-of-the-box, extensible content (i.e. custom Lightning components), quick and easy options to implement formatting, custom UI design, out-of-the-box content (i.e. images, social media links, buttons), and capabilities for hosted content.

2. Campaign Emails Can Now Reuse Content with Snippets

Users can easily reuse Snippets in the new Pardot email builder. If your organisation regularly hosts symposiums, webinars, or other annual events, you’ve likely had to create similar emails repeatedly for upcoming campaigns. Using the new Snippets feature, you now easily create shared assets such as images, blocks of text, and hyperlinks and upload them into a new email or different email templates that already exist. When you implement revisions or update your Snippets, all changes are automatically cascaded down into associated emails and email templates.

3. New Enhanced Insights In Einstein Behaviour Scoring

The Einstein Behaviour Scoring feature now reveals to you which exact marketing assets of yours have been instrumental in generating new sales for your organisation. Einstein’s new insights show you the manner in which your leads engaged specific assets, like a promotional email or your landing pages dedicated to promoting products or sign-ups. Salesforce Einstein now gathers such data to ascertain the engagement activities of each asset and show you which ones are the most likely to create new opportunities.

If you’re an active Pardot/Salesforce admin or user, consider yourself a part of history now. Find out more about the yearly Dreamforce event and the wrap-up here.



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